What a great day hosted by RBS and expertly marshalled throughout by comedian Fred MacAulay, who threw in several perfectly-timed one-liners along the way. Perhaps he was testing out some new material pre Edinburgh Festival?!

The standard, as ever, was exceptional. I really didn’t envy the judges having to decide on the winners. Although, to be fair, all of the pitches were winning in my eyes.

The delivery of the pitches was brilliant and not a hint of nerves. There have clearly been several hours spent rehearsing in front of the mirror and entertaining “enthusiastically bored” family members over many late nights and weekends to perfect them.

More than £1.2 million was allocated in funding last night, with Scottish Edge having, to date, awarded a total of more than £7 million to some of the very best start-up and SME businesses Scotland has to offer.

A special mention has to go the team who select the winners’ walk-on music. The most notable track was The Stranglers’ Golden Brown when Eurobioix took to the stage. I’ll leave it for you to figure out why that was appropriate!

It was great to see such a diverse range of products and services represented.

One common theme that came through clearly in all of the pitches was the desire to create jobs and to internationalise through product sales.

This is something that’s, of course, close to my heart and why I’m so pleased
to be involved as a support partner!

The Scottish EDGE winners were:

  • Blind Spot Gear
  • Cutitronics
  • Deepwater Oil Tools
  • Dry Ice Scotland
  • eoSurgical
  • EuroBiotix CIC
  • Freedom Brands
  • Glaze & Save
  • OTAQ
  • Particle Analytics
  • Phoenix Instinct
  • Robotical
  • Uuni
  • Vanilla Blush
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