Dr David Heath – The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us but what does this have in store for both UK Engineering and Global Beauty?

On Tuesday 20th February I was with the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) celebrating 5 years of Enterprise Fellowships in Engineering.  Very early in my journey, the RAEng recognised the innovation and creative application of engineering and chose to support me in applying engineering innovations within the home skincare market.  I am very grateful to them for the support they provided in those early days and the support they continue to provide.

The event was a fantastic evening, it was inspiring to witness how so many have creatively used their skills and knowledge in engineering to create businesses by addressing opportunities where engineering-based technologies can slot in, enhance or even transform practice in well-established industries.

I was also incredibly pleased to learn that, here in the UK, 2018 is the Year of Engineering.  At a global level, we need to address the shortage of those with engineering skills as we will need this skill set more than ever if we are to develop the expanse of opportunities before us.  On a personal level, I was delighted to learn more about this as both my children are now in school and the work environment they will grow into will be quite different from the one I entered.

For my kids, technology has always been a part of life, how they live, how they learn, how they communicate even how they think is all very different because of technology. As yesterday reminded me every industry is now being impacted by technology such as devices, sensors and digital platforms.  There is no question that, in almost every industry, there will be enormous transformations over the next 10 years, particularly given the increasing pace of change.  With Industry 4.0 upon us, the only remaining question is who is going to be the creative ones to usher forth these technological revolutions?

Attending the RAEng yesterday and with my children in mind, it was clear to me that engineering is no longer a vocation, but rather a skillset to create and innovate particularly in areas that have previously not benefited from strategic technological adoption.  I am keen to support the new initiative here in the UK of ‘This is Engineering’’ which seeks to bring the benefits of learning engineering to the upcoming generations.  Something my own children will have the opportunity to consider in the not too distant future.

Coming from a background in science and engineering, I am fascinated by the level of opportunity in the beauty industry for engineering and digital to really transform this industry.  As the 4th Industrial Revolution takes root, the next 10 years of beauty and skincare are going to be an incredibly dynamic and exciting time.  The growing groundswell of digital and technological innovation that is being adopted is creating a new suite of tools to better and better meet consumer’s personalised needs, increase efficiency and close the loop on consumer connection.

To answer the question posed in the title: The UK has a tremendous opportunity to capitalise on its rich history of engineering and pioneer through this inevitable 4th Industrial Revolution.  For Global Beauty, I believe there are almost endless possibilities to be discovered through the application of Cyber Physical Systems applied within this industry.

With this backdrop, it could not be a more exciting time for us here at Cutitronics as we work with pioneering brands to support their own device and digital revolutions, supporting what consumers want, bringing a greater level sophistication and benefit to users through new levels of adaptive personalisation.

We are currently filling up appointments at in-Cosmetics Global April 17th -19th this year to take the first steps in co-designing the future of home beauty and skincare practice.

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