Dr David Heath: Skincare Learnings From Healthcare

In a previous blog, I touched on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how it is affecting almost every industry.  Specifically, this was looking at how it will affect the home beauty industry.  Coming from a background in biomedical engineering and medical devices, trends in healthcare are always of interest to me, particularly exploring how the right technology can dramatically improve user outcomes and benefits.  The healthcare industry has long been striving to explore, adopt and push technologies that will lead to better patient outcomes.  Looking at this journey, there are clear learnings and practice that beauty industry can adopt and benefit from.

A few of these pushes include:

  • Preventative Medicine
  • Personalised Healthcare
  • Digital Health, and
  • Harnessing Technology to enable patients (users or caregivers) to take more control over their own outcomes without over-reliance on healthcare professionals.

Looking just at these four areas we can see the parallels of how the right technology can make all the difference in user outcomes.   So, let’s now take a closer look at one of these areas.

Preventative Medicine – it’s never too late!

“Prevention is better than cure”, an old adage, a true adage, but not a practice that is always followed!  We would all agree that it is better to look after your heart and keep it healthy rather than abuse it and just opt for a triple bypass when things go wrong.  While we don’t always make the best choices for our hearts, we are now much more aware of the impact of good lifestyle choices on our long-term quality of life.  Years ago, the only technology available to help us was a set of weighing scales and a stopwatch.  These days we have activity trackers and even heart rate trackers like ‘FitBit’, calorie trackers such as ‘MyFitnessPal’ all on hand to equip us to improve our health outcomes, at whatever level we choose to engage with it.

How can we educate consumers to think the same about other organs of their body, particularly their skin?  In a similar way to looking after your heart, we know it is better to look after your skin and keep it naturally as healthy as possible from the start rather than relying on a reactive approach that employs dramatic, invasive or corrective procedures.  The challenge is how can we support users in looking after their skin even from a young age through technology to educate, support and coach them throughout their life?  What are the skincare equivalents of heart rate monitors and activity trackers?  What will be the ‘FitBit’ for skin health?

The trends so far…

Health apps are now a recognised part of wider healthcare management.  The same opportunity is present for the beauty industry.  There is no shortage of tech-savvy consumers who want to do the best for their skin, but struggle to comply, or even construct, a routine that will support their skincare needs.

A mobile phone with the right apps is a step towards a consultant in your pocket.  But this is only half the story, physical device technology is surely also of benefit here?  If we can combine the right mobile apps, with the right data and algorithms with the right physical device technologies you now have a personalised skincare routine that can adjust and manage your skincare needs for life.

Learning from the wider health industries, the greatest breakthroughs have come where device and digital have partnered to meet a common goal.  Examples of these include health trackers like FitBit that combine apps with heart rate monitors and accelerometers, apps with sleep tracking devices and diabetes management apps connected to blood glucose monitors and perhaps even insulin pumps.  Skincare is part of this wider daily health management movement and deserves the benefits that device and digital can offer.

This is a focus for us here at Cutitronics.  Producing device and digital innovations that work in tandem with topical products, to meet a common goal of supporting the end user (consumer) to achieve their target skincare outcomes.

During April 17th – 19th at in-Cosmetics Global, we will be sharing how we are harnessing the power of adaptive personalization to support Brands and their customers to achieve their skincare goals. Come and join us on Stand G60 to find out more.

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