Stuart Kelly: Inside the Design Lab

I’m not sure exactly how many product design projects I’ve been involved in over the past 25 years, but CutiTron may well be number 100.  If so, it’s a project worthy of that milestone, as it involves nearly all the most interesting elements of product development – from user experience (UX), aesthetics and form to the integration of custom sensors and custom-designed mechanism

Successfully developing a completely new consumer product demands a team with multiple skills and perspectives.  Our team combines in-house expertise supported by external design partners, and we can also call on the knowledge of formulation experts at CRODA.


Designing from the user’s perspective

We select our design partners for their open-minded approach as well as their technical expertise.

The spirit of our CutiTron device is an enjoyable experience which conveniently fits your lifestyle as well as offering the benefits of personalised adaptive skincare – to achieve this we need to continually question how users will interact with the device.

Because we’re creating a new product category, we all have to be prepared to follow the evidence – for example, a deeper understanding of how CutiTron can be used during long-distance travel has transformed our design approach to batteries and charging.


Integrating CutiTron technology

Behind the user experience lie the four technology elements of the CutiTron platform – Measure, Stimulate, Delivery and Data.  Bringing these together in a handheld device requires a balance of creativity, engineering skill, pragmatism, iteration and manufacturing quality – that’s what gets me up in the morning (along with coffee!) and sometimes keeps me awake at night.

Customisation for brands

The final step in the journey from concept to product is adapting CutiTron’s innovative technology and user experience to the specific needs of a premium skincare brand.  Here again, design thinking can combine the brand’s guiding principles with Cutitronics’ platform – to create the most suitable way for the brand to engage positively with customers.

If you’re interested in joining us on this journey then we’d be delighted to see you on our stand G60 at in-Cosmetics Global, 17-19th April 2018.

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