Technology in Beauty – Friend or Foe in Our Struggle to Preserve Our Planet?

Natural and technological approaches are sometimes viewed as immiscible options when it comes to environmental responsibility.  It can be easy to see why technology shoulders much of the blame for the negative impact inflicted on our planet over the last 100 years or more.  Technology and industrialisation have allowed us to both consume natural resource and produce non-natural waste at an alarming rate.  The good news is that there’s a growing groundswell of environmental conscience to combat our negative impact on our planet, which is leading to action!

This movement in consumer concern for our planet has gained such momentum in the beauty industry that it can no longer be ignored by brands or anyone in the supply chain that supports them.  It is also fair to say that corporations and brands are taking this quite seriously, with pledges to reuse, recycle or be able to compost packaging and eliminate their pollution of the natural environments, such as plastics finding their way into the sea, or even consider how their ingredients are manufactured and supplied.

As most will know, Croda is an investor and strategic partner of ours.  Croda has a very strong environmental conscience, impressive portfolio of sustainable solutions and are investing heavily in sustainable and naturally derived ingredients to do their part in this global effort.  Once again, these are values we share deeply here at Cutitronics.  So, as a one-stop-shop for device and digital supply into the beauty industry we had to ask ourselves what can we do in this struggle to reverse the tide on issues such as waste plastics?

To start with, we believe technology is not all bad when it comes to environmental impact.  Digitisation is only one example that has massively impacted how we store and transport information, communication and entertainment just to name a few.  For example, websites, emails, ebooks, digitally stored music and movies, online reference material, and so on, has certainly reduced the amount paper and other physical materials we produce, consume, transport or eventually landfill.   But what can we do about the physical entities we engage with, such as packaging, which cannot be digitised?

The innovations we are offering through our digital platforms and integration of data feeds will provide efficiencies alongside an array of commercial and consumer benefits, through similar principles of digitisation.  However, it is the hardware and packaging side we have been focussing on most recently in our designs and innovations to ensure we are doing the best for our planet as well as our industry.

In a previous blog, Stuart Kelly discussed our product development approach including design thinking, holding true to certain values and guiding principles, but knowing that the human factors considerations must be right so that the benefits can fit seamlessly into peoples lives, lowering barriers to adoption.


We are extremely proud of what we have produced and excited at the impact our platforms and technologies can bring to consumers and brands while having a positive impact on our environment.   We have cleverly (even if we do say so ourselves!) designed in reusability and recyclability into our approach in a very innovative way.

We have found a way to embrace minimalist packaging without compromising on consumer experience.   In fact, it’s probably the most advanced packing available today.  Most importantly it’s all designed to help us better look after this planet that we are responsible for – the home that one day our children and grandchildren are going to inherit.

If you would like to understand more about how we have embraced consumer experience, brand benefit and environmental responsibility into one unique approach come and chat with us.  We’ll be on stand G60 at in-Cosmetics Global 2018 from 17-19th April.

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