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We’re delighted to welcome Nicola to our growing team.  After a busy first week, we asked her to write a blog about her experience of life post-Graduation and the importance of following your passion.

In June I graduated with a BA HONS degree in International Business and Marketing.  Propelled fresh into the job market and the business world I found myself wondering where to even begin.  What had me even more stumped was my desire to find a company that fit my personality, interests and values.

I love listening to a wide range of music and now that summer is over (and I no longer have time to lie on the beach for hours straight) I am switching books for podcasts.  Primarily, they consist of series from my favourite people like Jonathon Van Ness – Getting Curious, and Ferne Cotton – A Happy Place.  Socialising is probably my favourite pastime and it ties in nicely with my other favourite; eating.  Whether that includes exploring a new café, backpacking around a new country or having a wine and chocolate night – sign me up.

At university, I discovered another passion of mine was relevant to working in business, and aspects of sustainable development and CSR became a focal point for many of my future aspirations.  The way companies look after their communities and the way people are affected by their procedures and products matters a great deal to me and really influenced my job search when I graduated.  Unfortunately, that left me with a lot of disappointing Grad Scheme searches for many months.  I was beginning to think that it would not be possible to find a company that would stand for the same values as me and accept my entry-level skills.

I began to think that maybe I was going about this the wrong way, my friends all had great jobs lined up and I was left feeling a bit down.  Until one day last month, my continual search led me to the doorstep of Cutitronics where I now hold a Business Development and Marketing Internship position.

From my experience, I would encourage anybody – especially fresh graduates – to find your core values and let them play a huge part in how you decide to live your life.  I never imagined that one day I would be able to combine my love for skincare, people and business into a job.  I can now officially confirm that caring, exciting and integrity led companies do exist!  I am now lucky enough to work in a place which ticks all my boxes (and has a dog in the management team – Marly our Lab Manager).  I am excited and blessed to learn from and grow with such a talented team over the coming months.

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