Until 7 months ago, my experience of the skincare and beauty industry was as an avid consumer of several skincare brands and copious make-up brands.  What is youth for, if not experimenting?

Like most Gen-X women my age, I dabbled in the skincare and make-up trends popular in the late-90s and early 00’s (pencil-thin eyebrows, and Heather-coloured lipstick anyone?). So, I was fascinated to see that many of these trends are currently being revisited on popular TV shows such as Channel 4’s Derry Girls and Netflix Stranger Things.
Back in the day, my decision-making was largely informed and influenced by the Supermodels of the day gracing the global catwalks, the trends reported in glossy magazines such as Elle, Vogue and the occasional copy of Cosmopolitan. These were the days before social media, before social influencers, bloggers, vloggers, insta-influencers and #Insta-Trends, shaped our make-up bags and took over our world.  This has transformed not only how we consume beauty press but also how we shop for our skincare and beauty products too.

In today’s marketplace, Millennials are one of the fastest-growing consumer categories for make-up brands.  They have the unique ability to be both influenced by them and to shape the direction a brand takes.  Brands engage with these consumers online in ways unimagined a decade ago.  Over the last few months, I have been genuinely excited about the new brands and formulations being brought to market.  It really is such a vibrant and dynamic industry to be part of.

As well as social media continuing to dominate the sphere, 2018 beauty insiders have predicted that several trends will lead the industry this year.  Two that I’m going to be watching particularly closely are:

Green / Clean Beauty

The ‘Clean’ trend first swept through our food industry as consumers became more aware of what they were putting into their bodies.  A conscious effort to reduce and avoid processed foods and ingredients led to a demand for whole foods and superfoods with added benefits.

And increasingly it seems we’re going to see this trend move across beauty and skincare, as consumers seek to reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals.  There are several Apps that now make it easier to check the contents of products on the go, as well as offering up suitable alternatives.  Global brands are also looking at how they incorporate more natural and sustainable ingredients to their ranges, as well as how their choice of packaging impacts our environment.

Adaptive Personalisation

One of the biggest trends this year is set to be Adaptive Personalisation (or Bespoke).  From the surge in tailored beauty box subscriptions to brands offering truly personalised cosmetics to suit your changing skin tone and even your DNA, consumers are soon going to be spoiled by the choices available to them and the very specific skin concerns they have.

What will be most interesting to watch is how technology can help brands become truly adaptive and responsive to consumers changing skincare needs – hour by hour, day-to-day, month-to-month.

This is why the opportunity to work with Cutitronics was so appealing to me.  As a relative industry newcomer, I see things from a different perspective.  Working closely with our CEO and Commercial Director, supporting the excellent work they have done in developing and introducing our truly innovative, multi-award winning skincare technology to the global market., I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us.

If you’re keen to know more about our truly innovative devices and digital platform, then make sure you visit our stand at in-Cosmetics Global (G60) from 17th-19th April.  We look forward to sharing our vision for the future of skincare with you there.

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