David HeathCEO

David’s extensive academic career led him to qualify as a medical devices researcher with degrees in physics and engineering, working in a multidisciplinary clinical, commercial and engineering team. Throughout his PhD and post-doctoral research he focussed on transdermal medical technology.

But it was while presenting at a skincare conference that David had his “light bulb moment”, realising that the expertise he developed working on transdermal medical technology could be reapplied to solve some of the major challenges the cosmetic skincare industry.  And Cutitronics was born!

David secured funding to develop technology for the cosmetic skincare industry and validate his innovation both technically and commercially. During this time the company was spun out of the University of Strathclyde, receiving recognition from the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the Royal Academy of Engineering and ERA Foundation, for both entrepreneurial approach and outstanding technology innovation.

In 2015 David recruited the Cutitronics team, bringing together the experience and expertise essential to launching such disruptive technology into the skincare market. Cutitronics is now a multi-award winning company strategically white labelling their patented platforms and devices for global premium skincare brands.

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