MarlyLab Manager

Marly has 21 dog years experience in all things Lab related but is new to her role as Lab Manager. Marly changed career as she knows she needed a new pet project.

Marly first em-barked on a career as a comedian but when she told a joke about chemistry she didn’t even get a reaction. She then considered a career as a dancer but realised she has two left feet. Her subsequent move into re-tail had her running around in circles, which drove her mutts. Marly was also clear that she didn’t want to become an animal model in this industry (even if she does look quite fetching!).

Despite Marly’s lack of experience in her new role, there are many valuable attributes that she brings to the team. She reminds us that even when times get ruff, nothing is in-paw-sible when you have the dogged determination to do what is needed. Marly is always keen to avoid a situation where the tail is wagging the dog so she keeps her eye on the big picture and her customer close in the consultation. With an approach like that, you will not find Marly barking up the wrong tree!

When Marly chases after the ball in a different direction to the rest, some think she is barking mad, but she knows she needs to move to where the ball is going, and not where it is if she is going to win.

In short, Marly helps us all keep perspective, hounds us when we sit too long, encourages us to paw-nder the bigger picture and ultimately, as a team, to reach our pet-ential.

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