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Truly effective skincare relies on two things: a well-formulated product and proper application.

You can control one in the lab. The other is left to the customer. CutiTron technology allows you to merge both into one powerful experience that helps your customer simplify their skincare process with a fully committed beauty advisor, all within the palm of their hand. With effortless real-time digital analysis, your device, powered by CutiTron, allows your customer to eliminate trial-and-error and see continual improvements in their skin.

Connected device technology, combined with your specific product formulations, allows you to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital to create deeper and more meaningful relationships with your customers.


Your Formulation, Our Device

Our approach is simple. We build technology that harnesses the power of your products to create one perfect partnership.

The possibilities are endless, with seamless brand integration, patented skin analysis, dispensing options, and designs that are unique to your brand and your customer’s desires. Our selection of patented technology extends the product consultation into their bathroom and gives them the ultimate personal experience.

A Digital Beauty Advisor

Driven by results and guided by data, our app is designed with your customer in mind. In-the-moment analysis and personalised advising provides instant feedback to your customer and gives them the encouragement they need to stick with their chosen skincare routine.

Seasonal shifts, location differences, and even time of day all contribute to effective skincare, and seeing beauty results has never been easier, until now.

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